About the Standard Bank Young Artists Awards

The Standard Bank Young Artist Awards were established by the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown in 1984 to recognise relatively established young emerging South African artists who demonstrate  outstanding artistic talent. The National Arts Festival Committee select winners in five different disciplines: Theatre, Music, Dance, Jazz and Visual Art-and from time to time Film. Although winners also receive a cash prize, the main focus and attraction of the award is the platform that is offered to create a new work for the festival with financial support received for their participation in this national festival.

Nominations can also be put forward by fellow artists, directors, producers, curators and art institutions, and the criteria for nominees are as follows:

  • Maximum age limit of 33 years, or 38 years for Visual Art nominees based on the nature of the discipline
  • Proven born or naturalised South African citizenship
  • Resident in SA at the time of nomination (except if studying overseas)

Members of the festival committee consult with colleagues nationwide to finalise and submit a minimum of three candidates for each of the Standard Bank Young Artist disciplines. Their nominated candidates are submitted to the National Arts Festival Committee for final assessment. 

Nominations should reach the festival director by the middle of January.

Submission details:

The Festival Director
National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
PO Box 304

Tel: 046 603 1103
Email: info@nationalartsfestival.co.za
Website: www.nationalartsfestival.co.za


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